• May 25, 2021

Coming up for air. The Shark Tank Effect on FlingGolf.

Coming up for air. The Shark Tank Effect on FlingGolf.
It's been 10 days since the FlingGolf Episode of Shark Tank aired and what a 10 days it has been!  This will be brief and in bullet points.  Here are some quick notes on this last week and a half:
  • Sleep is in short supply but when it comes it is deep:  Gotta keep shipping sticks and keeping our new players happy.
  • Stuffy golfers are an old, tired, dying species:  Even many of the purists are open to a FlingStick in their bag.  Who is left that believes that golf courses don't need a more casual, fun approach? It is great to see a more relaxed "golf" world these days.
  • We had our best "month" ever in the 48 hours following the show: Enough said.


Steve with another order list

  • Surprise of the week: Hot seller: Premium Design FlingSticks are flying off the shelves: Stingers and BalliSticks with custom heads are "IT" right now. 
  • Pre Shark Tank: We called golf courses. Post Shark Tank: Golf courses are calling us, asking to be put on our map and making sure they have FlingSticks for rent. (Because players are calling them to see if they allow FlingGolf play).  Keep it up players!
  • "We don't care" was the shot heard round the world.  Ok, at least around the pro shop: Click here or on the pic below for details:

Thanks for everyone's support while we build the Future of the Fairway!

Gotta get back to shipping FlingSticks!

Alex, John, Steve and the rest of the FlingGolf Team at New Swarm

PS. Stay tuned for another update soon

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Robert P Johnson
Jun 01, 2021 at 09:04

I have a couple ideas for yard golf played w nerf balls & would like to meet & get your feedback.
I live nearby in Seabrook & as a local fedex driver have delivered to your facility on chestnut st.
Just want your input on how to open another new market in the golf industry.
Thx Bib J. (978) 430 5888 cell.

May 29, 2021 at 11:59

Hey Jim, I don’t live too far away, and if we could set up a demo day, I’d bring all the sticks and provide the instruction!

Jim Cone
May 27, 2021 at 15:44

Driving range/golf course I go to had some people asking if it was OK to use flingsticks there. They said it was fine. Would be good idea to have people locally to have group training with flingsticks on a driving range. Getting hot time of year here in Mesa AZ but driving ranges still busy early in morning. I would help hold some training on a driving range. I’d just need a few fling sticks, hold a few training classes, and then either sell the sticks or send them back. Just an idea. I’d promote your website for videos on different ways to use them. If interested let me know and I’ll talk with the driving range I use and set things up.