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Growing FlingGolf Across The Globe.

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Since its launch in 2014, a growing and diverse player community has played the FlingGolf® alt-golf-sport on well over 1,000 golf courses in every state in the US and more than a dozen countries worldwide. In order to manage the sport and promote its growth to golf courses and players, New Swarm has launched World League FlingGolf.


To further its mission, World League FlingGolf provides a number of resources to golf courses and players. WLF provides golf courses with the promotional materials, instruction and event support needed to successfully launch FlingGolf. For the players, WLF acts as the governing body of the FlingGolf ® alt-golf-sport, establishing rules, providing information on participating courses and promoting events and leagues of all skill levels.

To learn more about how WLF can work for you or your course, please call us at 858-433-5464 or email us at

Image of FlingGolfers at the Longest Fling Competition