FlingStick Specials

Specials & Demo Units - From $89.00

Scuff happens. Things get dirty and scratched. That's gonna happen when you're flinging with the best of 'em.

Sometimes we make unique FlingSticks that look really cool.

This is the place to find them.

We're offering 100% functional FlingSticks:

  • Former rental or demo units for up to 30% off. That's right, up to 30% off normal website prices!
  • New, unique FlingSticks - Designer heads or premium grips with magnetic ball markers at a big discount!

Every FlingStick has been tested, retested, and cleaned (but not reconditioned).

Inventory changes almost weekly.

These are available in 41", 44", or 47" lengths. All sales are final.

Now you can be the Future of the Fairway too!