FlingStick Specials

 ***DUE TO HIGH DEMAND THESE SELL OUT QUICKLY.  IF YOU CAN'T SELECT IT WE ARE SOLD OUT*** Sometimes we make unique FlingSticks that look really cool.  Sometimes we offer amazing deals for a really short period of time!  This is the place to find them.
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FlingStick Specials are the same FlingSticks we sell in our Shop with designs and patterns that are just a bit different, including:

- New, unique head designs

- New or limited quantity premium grips with magnetic ball markers

- Discontinued patterns, designs and products


If you want a custom FlingStick, call or email us and we'll be happy to create your own special stick, however, prices may vary.


Inventory changes almost weekly.


Other Terms:

- All Sales Final

- Cannot be combined with any other offers


Now you can be the Future of the Fairway for less green.