the Course.

Image of a kid taking an Overhand swing with his FlingStick

Crafting a winning FlingShot is easy

It’s as simple as using a baseball bat or a lacrosse stick. Really. Here are some tips to get you started, but feel free to fire away like nobody’s watching because there’s no wrong way to fling it. Check out the videos below as well as on our YouTube channel

the basics

Best piece of advice: this is not golf. Don’t overthink it. You SHOULD swing as hard as you can. It’s all about bringing it back, letting loose and completely following through.

The Overhand

Use your FlingStick like a lacrosse stick. Keep your wrists hinged above your shoulders and drop the FlingStick down your back. Then lean back, take a step forward and aim high as you swing and completely follow through towards your target. It’s OK if the head hits the ground on your follow through, the ball will come out on its own.

The Sidearm

Hold the FlingStick like a baseball bat and get into your batting stance. With the stick channel facing upwards and parallel to the ground, take a step toward 1 o'clock (for righties) or 11 o'clock (for lefties), and swing from low to high, opening the channel as you let it rip.

The Low to High

Like the Sidearm, you start the low to high swing with the stick behind you, but even lower. Then, swing all the way through ending up with the FlingStick over your shoulders.

The Flop Shot

With wrists hinged above your shoulders, drop the FlingStick further down your back than the Overhand. Then pop the ball as high as you can, so it feels like it’ll land on your head. It won’t.

The Bump and Run

To execute the underhand, or Bump and Run, stand sideways, take a short backswing, then roll your wrists as you swing toward the hole, stopping your swing to release the ball.

On the Green with the Striker Pad

Use the FlingStick as a traditional putter, making sure to strike the ball with the pad. We recommend separating your hands and keeping the FlingStick shaft upright and close to your body to keep the head and Striker Pad parallel to the ground, even “anchoring” the shaft if that helps.

On the Green with the FlingChannel

Used when the ball is further from the hole, this is very similar to the Bump and Run. Stand sideways, take a very short backswing, then roll your wrists as you swing toward the hole, stopping your swing to release the ball toward the hole.

On the Green with the FlingNotch

If you have a FlingStick with a FlingNotch: With the ball nestled into the notch on the side of the FlingStick, open your stance and put one hand down the shaft. Then, push the ball toward the hole. Or use the notch of the other side of the FlingStick and pull the ball toward the hole.