Lacrosse Meets Golf


What is FlingGolf?

FlingGolf is a killer new sport that is played with just one FlingStick to hurl a golf ball down a golf course, with players expertly shaping their shots from tee to hole.  Just like snowboarding to skiing, FlingGolfers can play on the same course, even in the same foursome as golfers.

Where can I play FlingGolf?

You play FlingGolf at a golf course.  See our current course map. Get your FlingStick, bring it to your local course, and get them on the map!

MLL's Drew Snider enjoying FlingGolf


ABC TV on FlingGolf on the Arkansas State Parks golf courses.

October 04, 2016

FlingGolf is "A fresh way to experience the course" says the 26 year old Matthew Sindelar, reigning FlingGolf champ at DeGray Lake State Park.  

Check out the video below:

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WGBH TV: FlingGolf brings the "snowboard effect" to golf courses

September 20, 2016

Enjoy this piece from WGBH TV's Greater Boston show on how FlingGolf is getting younger players and a new energy out to golf courses across the US and beyond.

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Boston Globe reports on FlingGolf's appeal to both young athletes and golf course owners.

August 08, 2016

The Boston Globe covers FlingGolf's reach to a younger athletic crowd, and golf courses' desire to bring that audience out to play.  As golf courses have seen a decline in players for over a decade, FlingGolf players are starting to fill that void.

Read the Boston Globe story here

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Admiral Mark Boensel joins PlusOne Sports/FlingGolf as newest Advisor

July 29, 2016

FlingGolf and its parent company PlusOne Sports are proud to welcome Rear Admiral (Ret.) Mark Boensel as the newest member of its growing Advisory Board. Admiral Boensel was introduced to the new sport of FlingGolf in the fall of 2014, and immediately saw its recreational potential for military service members and their families. Recognizing the need to increase the use of golf courses on the nation’s military bases, Boensel identified FlingGolf as the perfect sport to entice new players from the armed services to get out and enjoy those courses.

 “FlingGolf is a natural fit for military personnel who wish to escape the stress of service for a couple of hours and engage in a fun, more athletic alternative to golf.


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