Congratulations on your New Swarm FlingStick and welcome to the FlingGolf Players Club (if you're not already a member of the FlingGolf Players Club, you can join here). This page has everything you need to learn how to use your FlingStick, connect with the FlingGolf community, and maybe even be the first player to liberate that golf course you drive by all the time.


To learn the basic swing technique, check out these helpful videos on our YouTube channel.

When you come up with your own techniques - and you will - take some video, upload it to us (or use this link: https://cutt.ly/FlingGolf) and we'll put it on our YouTube and/or social media channels. There are also technique videos and FAQs on our website that you should check out for more information.


Join us on your favorite social media channels to keep up with what’s going on in the world of FlingGolf

Post and tag us with @flinggolf and use the hashtag #FlingStick to help grow the game


Show off your new FlingStick, tell us about your experiences, see course reviews and share your own techniques with other players from around the world on the FlingGolf Players Club Facebook Group. It's the place to discuss everything FlingGolf. Join today!

Also, since the best way to grow the sport is through word-of-mouth, please leave a review on our Facebook page. If you are comfortable, please set it to share with the public.


The Art of Liberating a Golf Course:

You’ve got your FlingStick and are ready to go. Now what? The first thing to do is to take a look at our map to find a course near you.

All those courses in yellow have been liberated at least once by a FlingGolf player just like you, but all the light blue ones (FlingGolf Ready) are still caught up in tired tradition! Don’t be shy! The FlingGolf Players Club has found that the best way to liberate any course (even if it is already yellow) is just show up with your FlingStick and your greens fees in hand. Chances are they’ll be happy to see you and may even ask you for a demo.

Once you’re done, we love seeing videos and pictures of our FlingSticks at play with their new owners out on the course. So please share them on social media and tag us using @flinggolf so we see them or upload them to us for our YouTube Channel. And always make sure to let us know what courses you’ve played so we can update the map if it’s a new one. Whether you liberate a golf course for the first time or the 10th time, you're helping spread the word!


FlingGolf is young. Very young. To take it where we want to take it, we'll need your passion, participation and input. Let us know what works and what we can do to make it better. We THRIVE on our players ideas, discussions and honest feedback and will use it to make this sport as great as it can be. So don't hold back!