This is not golf. It’s FlingGolf™.


"I saw snowboarding inject a new energy and spirit to the snow industry and revive many resorts and retailers globally. FlingGolf, because it is fun and exciting to play, will attract a new and younger generation of players and have that same effect on golf courses."
Mike Abbott, former COO of Burton Snowboards, advisor to PlusOne Sports.


"I have heard many people reference the positive impact that snowboarding has had on the ski industry and the need for something similar in golf.  FlingGolf is the closest thing I have seen that could deliver that. My son plays collegiate lacrosse and was throwing the ball close to 200 yards in the matter of minutes and finding ways to draw it, fade it, throw it low, and throw it high."

Keith Miller, Executive Director, Montgomery County MD Golf.


"We've had over 3000 FlingGolf rounds since April 2015. People love FlingGolf and talk about the sport and resort to their friends. It has been seamless to adopt and roll out."

Brett Mowbray, PGA, GM Massanutten Resort, VA



"Glowball Night FlingGolf was wildly successful with 40 Flingers last Sunday night!!!"

Jeff Staggs, Owner Oregon Trail Golf Course, Nebraska


"That was the best time I’ve had on a golf course since…., well, ever."

Bryan Brazill, Owner of HGR Lacrosse & Merrimack College Men’s Lacrosse Assistant


"I just finished what I would imagine is the first round of Speed FlingGolf in the state of Arizona, and I can honestly say I will likely not pick up my clubs again. I used one ball for the entire round, ran between shots, and enjoyed it more than regular Speed Golf, which I enjoy more than regular golf. It's prime golf season here in the Phoenix area, and I'll be playing every few days. FlingGolf rocks!"

Dave Brandt, Chandler, AZ


"My friend recently shattered his wrist in a motorcycle accident. Thankfully he could still golf with us thanks to FlingGolf and the FlingStick. If you're a golfer and haven't tried this yet, you're missing out."

Jonathan Croft, Golfer and now FlingGolfer.


"FlingGolf is an amazing addition to the game of golf. And The FlingStick is just a blast to play with."

Walt Lankau, former National Golf Course Owners Association President, Golf Course Owner and Advisor to PlusOne Sports.


"I cannot believe that I actually enjoy playing a sport again. I gave up golf simply because it was taking too long while balancing the family and business workloads. After discovering FlingGolf, I am back out there having fun, getting exercise, and spending time with the family. "

Todd Kopp, CoreAthletics.


"Everyone loved FlingGolf.  We ended up with 8 groups (see photos on Facebook). We did a 5 hole shotgun. They all said they would do it again for sure. Most groups had so much fun that they played extra holes. We will definitely schedule more events next year." 

Kathy VanDeHey, Mid Vallee Golf Course, Wisconsin.


"Alex, I just wanted to take the time to express my sincerest appreciation for the FlingStick and for turning me on to FlingGolf. It has been very difficult to get my 11 year old daughter out of the house as she is always playing on her kindle. She never seems to want to do anything outside anymore. After a few days of pushing her into trying it out this past Saturday she reluctantly agreed and did so I think only because my wife agreed to come along and drive the golf cart. Although I was hopeful as I thought we would only play 1 or 2 holes at best before she would give up we played the entire 9 holes we reserved. I could not believe it.

Well lo and behold we all had the greatest time. It was great to see my daughter so excited to play an outdoor sport and to do it with me and my wife together. The icing on the cake was that I was able to play a round of nine holes right beside her.  She will also be joining me at the driving range to perfect her “fling”.  It was truly the best time I have had with my daughter since I can remember! So thank you so very much!! "

Kevin Grieder, Maryland 


"My teenage son and I tried FlingGolf today for the first time and absolutely loved it!"

Lisa Tripp, Mississauga, ON

Adam at Oregon Trail Golf Course. He doesn't need the best golf driver any longer!