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Why bring FlingGolf to my course?

FlingGolf is being played on courses all over the world because owners everywhere get it: FlingGolf is an easy way to attract new players to fill your empty tee times. It blends seamlessly with traditional golf, keeping the pace active. It uses a regular golf ball, similar rules, and everybody can still play in the same foursomes. So settle down, Derek can still have his precious Alumni Scramble. But now Joey might play too.

Attract new customers

FlingGolf makes the golf course experience more approachable and more fun for a younger, diverse audience. It’s perfect for families, group outings, and events.

No Modifications Needed

You don’t need to do anything to your course to get started. Same holes, same tee times, same everything. Think snowboarding and skiing. And FlingGolfers don’t make divots, so your Greenskeeper will love it.

Minimal investment. Major potential

Just buy a few FlingSticks for your course and get the word out. Really, that’s it.

Promote your course

Boost your visibility by letting the world know you have FlingStick® throwers and welcome new players.

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The Success of FlingGolf is Real

How these courses use FlingGolf to generate thousands of additional rounds:

Getting Started

It’s easy. Order a few FlingSticks, get them in people’s hands and watch them go.


Buy FlingStick® throwers in bulk for added savings.

Put your Course on the Map

If you have FlingStick® throwers or people have played on your course, let the world know!

Start Marketing FlingGolf

Download free FlingGolf marketing assets to help get players to your course.