New Swarm Sports, LLC was created to support the players, ambassadors, recreational directors and golf course managers on the forefront of promoting FlingGolf throughout the globe, collectively “The New Swarm.” We do this through providing our patented FlingSticks, the original, innovative equipment designed for introductory through top-level play, governing the rules of the game, and promoting play through clinics, recreational events, tournaments.


Alex Van Alen's portrait

Alex Van Alen

Founder & CEO

Alex created the FlingStick and founded FlingGolf with a mission to make 35,000 golf courses around the world more active and more fun for more people. Before starting New Swarm Sports to promote that mission, he worked in land conservation and outdoor recreation for most of his career. That included a stint as the CEO of an organization that brought sled dog racing back to Massachusetts in a major way and developing a popular running, kayaking, horseback riding, mountain biking event.

For Alex, it is all about helping people enjoy the great outdoors. Alex is married with two very active sons, and when they are not out on the course with the latest FlingStick, you’ll find them enjoying the open water.

John Pruellage's portrait

John Pruellage


John has spent the last twenty years in a variety of leadership roles with various startups and successor companies, primarily in the television advertising technology sector. Prior to joining New Swarm as President, John was involved in business development and was CFO of Navic Networks, which was acquired by Microsoft.

More recently, John was a Founder, COO & CFO of Integral Reach which was subsequently acquired by Tivo (Rovi). With years of experience as a hack golfer before abandoning it, FlingGolf has re-invigorated his passion for being out on the golf course. When not working on growing the game and FlingGolf brand, John spends time with his wife, daughter, and their two rescue dogs. In addition, John enjoys cycling, food, and wine. Just not all at the same time.

Stevan Bloom's portrait

Stevan Bloom

Vice President & General Manager

Steve is the Vice President & General Manager focusing on supply chain, partner and product strategies, business operations, market and sales development, and overall scalability. He’s worked in product and leadership positions with numerous international companies, start-ups, M&A targets, and companies looking to scale.

He’s also led global and domestic teams of various sizes bringing new solutions across many verticals and channels. He has founded and co-founded many start-ups. His experience encompasses military (combat), medical and healthcare, software, hardware, and non-profit sectors. When he's not playing FlingGolf, he's hiking, kayaking, or hanging out with his wife and two sons.