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There are 15,000+ golf courses in the US alone and 34,000+ in the world. Any course with a tee and a hole is FlingGolf Ready (light blue) and many of these actively welcome FlingGolfers (green). Hundreds of courses rent FlingStick® throwers (blue) and thousands of our customers have brought their own FlingSticks to a course and liberated them (yellow). Bring your FlingStick to a course and liberate it today.

THE FLINGGOLF GUARANTEE: When you buy a FlingStick® thrower from us we guarantee you'll be able to find a course near you where you can play. If you can't, let us know where you've tried. If we can't get you playing on one of those courses, just send your FlingStick back for a full refund. But we’re betting that’s not going to happen.

Map Legend:

  • FlingGolf Ready
    Doesn't know it, but it needs you and your FlingStick. Be a pioneer!
  • FlingGolf Welcome
    Courses seeking its first players. Turn it Liberation Yellow!
  • Liberated
    You won’t be the first, but you won't be the last either.
  • FlingStick Rentals
    Liberated courses with FlingSticks avaiable on-site

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