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What is FlingGolf?

What is FlingGolf?

Relax. This is FlingGolf

Meet The FlingStick®

The Striker Pad

When on the green, position the ball alongside the striker pad on the FlingStick head and putt the ball toward the hole.

The Channel

Used for long distance FlingShots from the tee box and fairway and for touch shots closer to the green.


The Basics

On any golf course. Yup, all 34,011 of them.

No. So grab a FlingStick and liberate one today.

Absolutely. Even in the same foursome. It’s just like skiers and snowboarders using the same mountain. A really flat, green mountain.


Here's a quick overview:

1) The Launch is a great FlingStick if you are price conscious, not sure how much you'll play and/or OK with its no-frills nature.

2) The Stinger is the high-performance, 100% Carbon Fiber FlingStick that also allows you to customize shaft color and head design.

3) The Ballistick is right for those looking for the ultimate performance but is suited for taller and/or more athletic players who can get the most out of it.

Click here for a detailed explanation on the different types of FlingSticks.

The right FlingStick size usually depends on a combination of a player's height and athleticism.

Check out our Size Chart, which is a good place to start. Those that are more athletic can usually use a FlingStick that is one size up from their height and get more distance out of it.

For example if you are 5'8" but are athletic, you may be able to get more out of a Long. Or if you are 6'+ and athletic, you may want to consider a XL or XXL Ballistick.

Just one. It does everything.

Full strength throws work well off the tee and the fairway, but there are a bunch of other techniques to utilize on and off the green.

One of the amazing things about FlingGolf is the creativity of our players.

Check out our Techniques page for more info.

No. A standard golf ball is all you need. Don’t bother with expensive brands either; any ball will do. Unless you’re rich and like throwing $5 bills into a pond.

The FlingStick weighs less than a pound so it's very easy to play without one. Some courses require a bag, so we recommend the Sunday Bag as a great option. It's also a great place to put all those extra golf bals you won't be needing.

The Game

Far, really far, or really really far. Over 100 yards within 5 minutes of using your FlingStick, but with some practice, strength, and skill, over 200 yards is certainly on the table. Hard-core athletes have been known to bomb it 250+ yards.

Very. Compared to an average golfshot, you will generally find it much easier to keep your FlingShots straight and on the fairway. But if you really enjoy being in the deep woods maybe this isn't the game for you.

FlingGolfers tend to play quicker than traditional golfers, especially beginners. One "club," more accuracy, no practice swings, etc. But feel free to play in the same foursome as traditional golfers if you want.

Unless the course has designated FlingGolf tee markers, we recommend using tees that play between 5,500 to 6,000 yards for 18 holes.

The fewer the FlingShots, the better the score. Sound familiar? The scoring in FlingGolf is very similar to traditional golf, but the rules are much simpler. Another way to look at it is that if you got rid of all the annoying golf rules that most people don’t follow, you’d get FlingGolf. For the complete Rules of FlingGolf see our Rules page.


Yes. For maximum distance, it’s actually essential. Take a few steps back from where the ball lies and release the ball before reaching this spot.

For full distance FlingShots we recommend a baseball grip, with no interlocking of fingers. For flop shots, we recommend a grip with hands apart for more control. For putting, we recommend hands apart with hands positioned as on a hockey stick. For more info on swing techniques, go here.

There are many ways to get the ball to the hole once you are on the green. You can use a traditional putting technique (which is enhanced by using the Putting Slug), but there are several other techniques that really makes FlingGolf unique. Here's a video that shows a few.

You’re not dropping the FlingStick down your back far enough, or you aren’t following through. For more details go to our Techniques page.

Other Stuff

If you need a bunch of FlingStick® throwers for a one-time event, we rent out sticks for $20 per stick + one-way shipping to your location. Give us at least 2 weeks notice before your event so that we can get them to you in time and then after the event send them back to us. We will include a pre-paid return shipping label in the box so that you can easily send them back to us when you are done. All you need to have your very own FlingGolf® event! For more details click here.

New Swarm is the company that created the universe of FlingGolf. From Alex’s backyard attempts at lacrosse golf to today’s high-performance FlingStick, New Swarm is on a mission to bring the FlingGolf® alt-golf-sport to the world. We’re working every day to improve the game, partner with golf courses around the world and get as many people playing as possible. We need your help to get the word out and help grow the sport, so register to join the FlingGolf Players Club and be part of the New Swarm.

World League FlingGolf is the official governing body of FlingGolf®, establishing rules, certifying professionals and courses, and promoting events and leagues of all skill levels. Since its launch in 2014, a growing and diverse player community has played FlingGolf on well over 1,600 golf courses in every state in the USA and more than 30 countries worldwide. Check out the WLF page for more information.

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