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The Launch

  • The no-frills Launch gets you out on the course for less green. Made of a strong and durable composite carbon fiber shaft, the Launch is the perfect way to start your FlingGolf journey. Don't forget your Putting Slugs!
  • The right shaft length generally depends on your height. Medium is good for just about anyone, but if you're under 5' 4" consider the Short or if you're over 6 feet you should consider the Long.  Kids between 4 and 9 years old should consider the Junior.
    • Product Length:
      • Short - 41" (104 cm)
      • Medium 44" (111.7 cm)
      • Long - 47" (119.4 cm)
    • Product Weight:
      • ~11 oz. (312 g)
    • Head Color Options: Matte Black Head
    • Shaft Material: Blended Composite Carbon Fiber



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