• August 02, 2021

The Pioneering Spirit of Snowboarding and FlingGolf. By Ken Pytluk

The Pioneering Spirit of Snowboarding and FlingGolf. By Ken Pytluk

Ken Pytluk is a Black Belt Martial Arts Instructor, Fitness Trainer/Strength and Conditioning Coach and Member of the FlingGolf Players Club.  Follow Ken on Instagram at @kenzo_flings where he demonstrates FlingGolf Technique.

I started playing FlingGolf in April of 2021. I first saw FlingGolf in 2019 on an Instagram post showing Major League Lacrosse pro’s doing a longest FlingShot competition from a couple of years earlier. I thought “that’s pretty cool”. Since my boys and I play lacrosse we were instantly drawn to it.

Here’s a quick story from my youth: A long time ago, I was one of those early snowboarders that was storming the ski resorts in the mid-late eighties when it was finally allowed. My friends and I got called names, threatened and chastised by the skiers. We didn’t care, we were having fun. The idea of having the opportunity to be a part of something new and super fun again, like FlingGolf, is very exciting. Thankfully, I haven’t had any negative encounters with golfers like the skiers of the past, due to FlingGolf's seamless relation to golf.

So the idea of being a pioneer again, this time for FlingGolf, appeals to me. I know many of you came before me and to you guys I owe a debt of gratitude because it was from you that I learned the basics. You guys got me started in the right direction and showed me what was possible. I feel like I bring a technical set of eyes to the sport by being a strength coach for over 25 years and a martial arts instructor for nearly 30 years. I’m a coach by nature. My aim is to help others learn and grow in this sport as the early pioneers helped me.

FlingGolf really appealed to me since it allows me to use the attributes that best suit me the most- strength, power, athleticism and technique. Playing golf for me was like living a lie. I’m doing something that doesn’t suit my qualities. No disrespect to golfers, the game just never did it for me. Plus, it took too much of my time, money and effort with little reward for my commitment. Why do something if you feel it’s not fulfilling?

With FlingGolf, I now have the opportunity to enjoy being on the greens again and play a similar game that’s competitive and still have lots of fun. It’s the baseball and softball analogy. They’re pretty much the same game, played on the same type of field, but with a few different nuances that make each one unique. One may be “easier” than the other but both offer their own challenges. So it just boils down to your own personal preference. Mine is FlingGolf.

Last summer, after taking my youngest son (13 at the time) golfing for his first time, I was struck by his statement when we were done. He said “Dad I don’t ever want to play golf again”. I knew why he said it. He had failed literally at every shot. Like just about everyone who’s golfed for the first time. As a father I was bummed to hear him say that, I wanted to have something that I could do with my family that was enjoyable. Something they would look forward to doing that wasn’t so frustrating. I wanted my family to have a good time during our outings together. And getting out on the greens was a great way to do it but the golfing aspect wasn’t much fun for us. After a busy few months I finally pulled the trigger and got my first New Swarm FlingStick.

When I first took my youngest son to the range to try FlingGolf, he picked it up pretty quick (being a lacrosse player helps but isn’t a prerequisite) and discovered that he likes the sidearm release and asked if we could play right then and there. We didn’t have time that day but a couple of days later we played our first 9 hole round together and he had a blast. Immediately upon finishing he asked when we could play again. That was music to my ears. My wife also took to FlingGolf after spending a short time on the range and she likes the sidearm release as well. Now we try to go as often as we can as a family and everyone has a great time.

Without FlingGolf, I don’t think I ever would’ve gotten everyone out on the greens together and have such a great time doing it.

I believe FlingGolf will have a mass appeal specifically due to its fun nature, low start up cost and shorter learning curve. So let’s get out there and set a good example as FlingGolfers and give this game the exposure it deserves!

Ken Pytluk

Fort Collins, CO


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Dwight Fortson
Sep 21, 2021 at 23:33

I’m a 71 year young man. I have a bad elbow from playing too much baseball to late in my life. Do you think I am too to play Swing Golf and enjoy it?

Aug 03, 2021 at 10:10

Way to go Ken P