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Congratulations to our Champions!!


The winner of the 2022 New Swarm Open is Ken Pytluk from Fort Collins, CO who won the 4-hole playoff by 2 strokes.


The winner of the Longest Flingshot Championship (LFC-2) was Brooks Medford from Spindale, NC who won with a long FlingShot of 220 yards.

The 2022 New Swarm FlingGolf Classic

New Swarm FlingGolf Open

The NSF Open featured those players with the overall FlingGolf skill set necessary to score as low as possible in golf-course play. You'll have to master the long game, approach shots and on-the-green techniques to take the prize.

Longest FlingShot Championship

The Longest FlingShot Championship featured players, through brute strength and technique, aiming to best each other with the longest possible flingshot.


The Basics

The New Swarm Open is Saturday, May 21 and the Longest FlingShot Championship is Sunday, May 22 at the American Classic Golf Club in Lewes, DE. Click here for directions and click here and here for more information about the area.

Register by 4/21/22 and save!

On or before 4/21/22

New Swarm Open - $80

Longest FlingShot Championship - $40

Both Events - $110

After 4/21/22

New Swarm Open - $90

Longest FlingShot Championship - $50

Both Events - $125

Click here to register. Just add whichever registration type you want to your cart and after checkout you will receive a follow up email confirming your registration and requesting additional information and agreement to tournament Terms and Conditions.

- Green fees for the event

- Lunch/Snacks on the day of the event

- A commemorative T-Shirt

- Additional gift bags

- A chance to compete against other players from across the country, win $$$$$ and become a "professional" FlingGolfer!


The New Swarm Open qualifying round begins on Saturday May 21st at 9am. The Longest FlingShot Championship begins on Sunday May 22nd at 9am. For the full schedule click here.

Absolutely. Family and friends are welcome to attend and cheer on the participants.

Click here for more information. We've partnered with different hotels to aid in travel.

It may be cheaper to ship your FlingsStick to your hotel than check it on an airplane. Check with your hotel about their shipping policy.

The Tournament

The prizes for the individual events (New Swarm Open and Longest FlingShot Championship) are the same:

1st Place - $1,500

2nd Place - $500

3rd Place - $200

There will also be awards for each event.

The tournament will follow the World League FlingGolf (WLF) Official Tournament Rules for the New Swarm FlingGolf Classic. Click here for the official tournament rules. PLEASE NOTE: the rules may be modified or updated up until the beginning of Tournament play. In addition to posting on this page, we will send out any updated rules to registered players as soon as they are made.

Only New Swarm/FlingGolf FlingSticks may be used, without custom modifications other than the use of a Putting Slug or customized grips.

This will be a "pure" FlingGolf event so only one FlingStick may be used. There will be future events where hybrid/multi-stick rules apply.

You may use any regulation golf ball for either event. For the Longest FlingShot Championship you do not need to use the same golf ball for each attempt.

Collared shirts are not required and you may wear shorts and other casual wear. However, since it is being filmed for television and sponsored 1) we ask that you dress in a neat and presentable manner and 2) there may be additional restrictions or guidelines on logos.

Yes! We will be filming the action to produce a segment to be televised later this summer by ESPN. No pressure.