• May 18, 2021

FlingGolf survives (and thrives) on Shark Tank!

FlingGolf survives (and thrives) on Shark Tank!

Wow!  What an amazing few days it has been since we aired on Shark Tank last Friday night!

On the show, we nailed a deal with a Billionaire, and since early Saturday morning, (shaking off the night before) we have been shipping FlingSticks non-stop to every corner of the US and abroad. 

The power of the show is amazing and we are grateful to have made it though all the hoops to get aired.  (Did you know that only about 96 companies out of 45,000 applicants gets aired each year?)

If you didn't catch the episode, here is a teaser:

This is the momentum we have been laying the foundation for over the years!  The player base is booming, golf courses are loving us and the FlingGolf Liberation Army is on the move! See where to play on the map below:

Thank you and....Onward!

Alex, John and Steve

(Now back to shipping out more New Swarm FlingSticks!)

Here is a link to the entire Shark Tank Season 12 episode 24.





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May 26, 2021 at 17:41

If I buy fling sticks can I get on the map Trailside Golf LLC Muncie Indiana