• May 03, 2021

FlingGolf dives in to ABC's Shark Tank Friday Night!

FlingGolf dives in to ABC's Shark Tank Friday Night!

If we had a dollar for every time someone said "You should be on Shark Tank", we wouldn't have to go on Shark Tank.  But we don't - so we did!

That's right.  FlingGolf is diving in to ABC's Shark Tank this Friday, May 14 at 8 PM EDT! See Press Release Here.

Will we survive the Sharks?  Will we get viciously mauled? Is there blood in the water? Will we get a deal? 

Is New Swarm's FlingStick strong enough to fend off a nasty Shark?  Or will it lure a Shark in and welcome it to the sport that is liberating golf courses across the globe?

So. Many. Questions.

There is only one way for you to find out.....

Tune in to ABC at 8PM EDT on Friday May 14 and watch FlingGolf sink or swim in the Shark Tank!

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Lysle Winchester
May 16, 2021 at 02:52

Will Lake Almanor West, Chester CA 96020 and Lake Almanor Country Club, Westwood CA 96137 allow Fling Golf to be played at both or either of these courses?

Congrats on the Shark Tank – $300,000 for 25% is a good start.

Let me know if the courses referenced above allow Fling Golf and maybe I can help promote in the Northern Eastern California area.

My grand kids (high school age) all play Lacrosse and are just starting to play golf.

Let me know how I can help.

lynell rogeri
May 14, 2021 at 21:44


Samuel Harris
May 14, 2021 at 20:46

Glad I tuned in to watch Shark Tank! Order coming soon!

May 14, 2021 at 16:04

Let’s go FlingGolf! i am so excited for this exposure for our great sport. Well done FlingGolf team on making this happen!

May 14, 2021 at 15:05

Fling is going to win tonight!