• July 19, 2016

Golf Business Magazine gets it. Imagine! Golf courses should be fun.

Golf Business Magazine gets it. Imagine! Golf courses should be fun.

Ronnie Musselwhite, the editor of Golf Business Magazine, wrote an interesting piece this month suggesting that in order to reverse their downward trend attracting players, golf course owners ought to consider themselves in the entertainment business, and that "Rule No.1 is that the experience must be fun."  He goes on to suggest that innovative concepts like FlingGolf are key to getting people engaged at these facilities. As Brett Mowbray, the PGA Pro who introduced FlingGolf to the courses at Massanutten Resort in Virginia said, "FlingGolf is about kids, friends and families having a good time on the course."

We at PlusOne Sports, as founders of FlingGolf, are thrilled that we are bringing fun to hundreds of courses across the US and as far away as Australia.  We love working with course owners who open their minds to new possibilities - like Pete and Kathy Van DeHey at Mid Vallee Golf course in Wisconsin who in addition to regular FlingGolf play, offer FlingGolf Scrambles every third Friday of the month, or the cities of Mississauga and Toronto who are offering FlingGolf to their citizens on the city courses.  It is great to see resort destinations like Grand Coral Resort in Mexico, or Lancelin Golf Course near the famous kite/wind surfing mecca in Western Australia driving the fun in their areas as well.

So, as you can see, we are all about bringing fun, athleticism, and a decent dose of competition to the course as well. Thank you to the hundreds of course owners and thousands of players who have helped grow the FlingTribe to date and look forward to being a fun part of many more lives in the weeks, months and years to come.

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