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Volvik Becomes Official Golf Ball of World League FlingGolf's LFC-3

June 14, 2023 4 min read 1 Comment

Volvik Becomes Official Golf Ball of World League FlingGolf's LFC-3

Amesbury, MA - June 14, 2023

Leading golf ball innovator set to partner with the professional FlingGolf league in Colorado.

World League FlingGolf and Volvik USA are excited to announce an agreement for Volvik to be the official ball and naming sponsor of the WLF's 3rd Longest FlingShot Championship (LFC-3) in July.  

The Volvik LFC-3 is one portion of the Colorado Open (which also includes Individual and Team Championships) that allows the longest and strongest players in the game to showcase their strength and technique to hurl a golf ball as far as possible in a competitive setting.

Volvik has long been a favorite ball of many of the top players in the WLF, including Ken "Kenzo" Pytluk, the first WLF Champion (2022 New Swarm Classic winner), who is also a Colorado native. Ken came in 2nd place in the LFC-2 at the American Classic Golf Club in Delaware in May of ’22 using a Volvik Crystal, and plays Volvik during competitive on-course play in both the Individual and Team competitions. 

Ken was also using a Volvik Crystal during what may be the most epic 9 hole outing in FlingGolf’s history, where he had 2 “swarmis” (hole in ones) from 140 and 159 yards and a par 4 eagle from 150 yards out at Boomerang Golf Course in April of ‘23.

Ken "Kenzo" Pytluk

“I’ve been exclusively using Volviks since my earliest rounds playing FlingGolf. The Crystal plays perfectly for my style of play, where I like to be able to really control the shape of my shots no matter how hard I throw, and on the green, the dimple pattern gives it the truest roll of any ball I’ve used. I appreciate Volvik’s long term support of my career so far, and am thrilled that they and WLF are partnering on the LFC in my home state.”

Rino Kim, President of Volvik USA added "We've been watching FlingGolf and Ken grow our brand within the sports' player base for some time now, and are happy to take this next step forward with WLF. FlingGolf is competitive but fun and Volvik aims to promote players enjoying their time on the course while playing at the highest level. Our high performing and innovative balls are a great fit for every level of FlingGolf player and we are thrilled to be a part of the Longest FlingShot Championship." 

WLF’s Commissioner, John Pruellage said, “The league continues to grow its partnerships for its tournaments and events and we are excited to have such a quality partner as Volvik on our team.  Volvik knows a thing or two about innovation, having brought the first matte finished colored ball to market, so a partnership between them and our promotion of FlingGolf is a natural one.”

Alex Van Alen, Founder and CEO of New Swarm also welcomed Volvik in to the FlingGolf fold. “We are excited to have Volvik join us on this leg of the New Swarm Tour. Since our appearance on ESPN last year, the Longest FlingShot Championship is always a crowd and player favorite, and Volvik’s highest quality balls and fun colors combined with the players choice of graphics on our New Swarm FlingSticks make it a perfect fit for the competitive fun of FlingGolf. I can’t wait to see what happens when our players go for it at altitude!”

The Volvik Longest FlingShot Championship and the rest of the WLF Colorado Open will be played at the Boomerang Links Golf Course in Greeley, Colorado on July 15 and 16.  Visit the Colorado Open Page to learn more.

About World League FlingGolf

World League FlingGolf is the official governing body of FlingGolf®, establishing rules, certifying professionals and courses, and promoting events and leagues of all skill levels. Its mission is to make FlingGolf the most widely played sport on golf courses across the globe.  

About New Swarm and FlingGolf

New Swarm created and promotes FlingGolf and designed and sells the patented FlingStick. FlingGolf is an action sport for golf courses that combines athleticism, strength and touch, using just one stick to hurl a golf ball and shape every shot from tee to hole. Since its inception, thousands of players are energizing over 2,000 golf courses in more than 30 countries across the globe.

New Swarm promotes FlingGolf to players looking for a fun and athletic way to enjoy a golf course, and for golf courses to gain significant incremental revenue by filling empty tee times with new players. New Swarm's FlingStick is the official equipment for World League FlingGolf.

About Volvik

Volvik has led the way with unparalleled innovation in the golf ball space. Volvik is dedicated to the production of specialized 3- and 4-piece multi-layer high performance golf balls for players of every skill set, featuring 58 worldwide patents. Volvik’s patented SF matte coating has led to the development of Vivid, the world’s first matte finish golf ball. Volvik’s product line portfolio includes multi-layer urethane and ionomer cover products in glossy and matte finishes.

Past Longest FlingShot Championships

 LFC-1 (Massachusetts 2019) View LFC-1 Here

The first LFC took place at Massachusetts’ Granite Links Golf Course in October of 2019.  Sean Lawton, then a defenseman for Major League Lacrosse’s Denver Outlaws, beat out Cal Dearth of the Boston Cannons with a FlingShot of 252 yards.  That mark still stands as the longest shot in official LFC competition.

LFC-2 (Delaware 2022) View LFC-2 ON ESPN Here

The second LFC occurred during the New Swarm Classic at American Classic Golf Course and was filmed and aired by ESPN in August of 2022.  Brooks “Big Country” Medford of North Carolina beat Ken Pytluk of Colorado by 4 yards with a longest flingshot of 220 yards into a feisty wind.

 Volvik LFC-3 (Colorado 2023)

The third LFC is scheduled to be played July 15 at Boomerang Links in Greeley Colorado as part of the WLF’s Colorado Open.  


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Alex Van Alen
Alex Van Alen

June 16, 2023

Of the 4 WLF National Championships, Volvik’s have been used by 2 of the Champions: Mike DeRusha and Ken Pytluk. Both use the Volvik Crystals. Volvik must be doing something right!

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