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The Amazing FlingStick: THE Gift for the Holidays!

All you need is one FlingStick and a golf ball to shape every shot from tee to hole. You can even play along with golfers.

Where can I play FlingGolf?

Any golf course. FlingGolf has been played on 1,000+ courses so far. Find a course on our map.

Do I need to be a golfer?

Not at all. It's like snowboarding and skiing, they easily co-exist. Golfers put a FlingStick in their bag, non-golfers don't even need a bag!

Is it hard to Learn?

No - it’s very intuitive. Most can learn the basics within 10-15 minutes. And we've got more tips here.

Any Questions?

Contact us. We are here to help.


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"I love FlingGolf so much, I bought one for my brother-in-law who loves playing now"

Jake H., NV

"I’m a former college professional and international lacrosse player and I’m in love with this sport."

Nick H., San Diego, CA

"In the past 30 years I have not said this, but I can't wait to get out on the golf course! Thank you for making it happen."

Ben T., PA

"Just wanted to message you guys and tell you how much I love my fling stick! It’s so awesome!"

Bowlinggod22 via Instagram

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FlingSticks in a snowy holiday display