How to Fling

Enjoying FlingGolf

Basic Swing Techniques 

Try these basic swing techniques to quickly learn how to fling.

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For the first few throws, remember to drop the FlingStick™ over your shoulder or behind your back to get the hang of it!

Look up at around 60° and aim for that spot.


With the FlingStick™ facing directly away from the target and the channel facing upwards and parallel to the ground, and with your back to the target, take a step toward 1 O'clock (for righties) or 11 o'clock (for lefties), and swing from low to high, opening the channel as you swing forward.  On your swing forward, imagine hitting a home run over the right field fence (for righties) or the left field fence (for lefties).


With the golf ball in the channel, with your wrists hinged above your shoulders, drop the FlingStick™ down your back, lean back, take a step forward, aim high like you are throwing a javelin, and swing away.

Flop shot:  

With wrists hinged above your shoulders, drop the FlingStick™ way down your back, then pop the ball high, as though it will land on your head (it won't).

On the green:

With the ball nestled into the notch on the side of the FlingStick™, open your stance and put one hand down the shaft.  You can either push the ball toward the hole, or try it "goofy", and pull the ball toward the hole with the notch on the other side.

Make up your own swings - there are thousands of options.  Shoot us a video of your swing! 

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Alex demonstrating the FlingGolf glide:


Super Fling:


Kids Love FlingGolf:

How to enjoy FlingGolf at your school:

Grab some friends, some FlingSticks, some foam golf balls, a few empty buckets and head out to the playing field!

Set the buckets up in random areas about 50 to 80 yards apart.

Fling the golf balls into the buckets. Score 3 points for every "pail-in-one," 2 points for a touch, and 1 point if you're within 3 feet. 

Highest score wins!