• February 16, 2021

Welk Resort Crushes Projections with FlingGolf!

Welk Resort Crushes Projections with FlingGolf!

Despite numerous shutdowns and uncertainty due to Covid in 2020, PGA Pro Mike Skala at Welk Resort and JC Golf, blew past his projections for FlingGolf - breaking even on his investment in just a few weeks and meeting his yearly projections in less than 3 months.

Working with FlingGolf San Diego Chapter Director Daniel Dillinger and with some resort focused marketing and the right attitude about fun and family, Mike was able to create an atmosphere on the course where traditional golfers were part of the success - bringing their friends and family out with them to play.  He got his staff on board with the concept and with just 24 FlingSticks was able to create a program that brought a whole new element of players out to the course.

Follow this link for the full Case Study to learn more about how Mike made FlingGolf work so quickly at Welk, and how any course can do the same.



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