• March 27, 2020

Is it time to play FlingGolf?

Is it time to play FlingGolf?

Dear Fans of FlingGolf,

 It has been a crazy few weeks and we hope you are all well and taking the proper precautions for everyone’s sake.

There has been a lot of discussion regarding golf course operations: Should they all close out of an abundance of caution?  Is it safe to go out and play FlingGolf or golf?  Are they an important outlet for families isolating together if proper procedures are followed by the course staff and players alike?

There are as many answers as there are questions and this is our take: Where golf courses are permitted to stay open by their government, and they follow strict procedures to provide a safe atmosphere (the NGCOA Guidelines are a good example), then can provide much needed opportunity for fresh air and exercise and a relief from cabin fever.  But it is important that you, the player, also adhere to aggressive social distancing as outlined by the CDC here and follow other relevant recommendations, such as our FlingGolf-specific recommendations which we have compiled.

This is an ever-changing situation, and can differ dramatically from region to region, so please stay abreast of your local situation.  Call your course, ask if they are open and what precautions they are taking (you might refer them to the NGCOA guidelines if they don’t already know about them).

As you know, FlingGolf offers a great way to enjoy a golf course, whether with golfers or the entire family with FlingSticks.  If the time and conditions are right, take a break from the news, get out there and enjoy a round with your family, help support courses that are doing the right thing, and have a couple hours of casual fun.  Fresh air, exercise and fun are all important to a healthy life and outlook.

 Stay well,

Alex, John and Steve

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