• July 13, 2021

Shark Tank and the FlingGolf Players Club. 2 Months In.

Shark Tank and the FlingGolf Players Club. 2 Months In.

Two months ago, FlingGolf aired on ABC's Shark Tank and we remain amazed at the effect that that exposure has given to our growing sport.  We have known from the outset that our players were ultimately going to be the force driving the sport, and since the Shark Tank airing that force has accelerated in a big way. 

The best place to see what is going on right now and join in is on the FlingGolf Players Club Group Page on Facebook. It is a player driven page, unbiasedly covering the triumphs, challenges, blisters, equipment, scores, courses, rejections and welcomings, news, a little bit of bragging and overall fun of being part of growing a young sport.

The FlingGolf Players Club encompasses the overall player community, and as a whole, they are the force bringing New Swarm FlingSticks out to courses everywhere, introducing FlingGolf to course pros, managers, superintendents, staff, owners and other players. 

FPC members are teaching other players new FlingShots and refining techniques for the long game and around the green.  They are answering questions from new players about their own experience regarding courses to play, thoughts on the FlingGolf rules, meeting up to play with each other and discussing everything FlingGolf.

They are blogging and YouTubing, and right now, they are even setting up a virtual tournament for anyone to play in at courses across the country.  This is a great time to check out the page, see all the action taking place, join the FPC and help grow the sport!

It is a fun and exciting thing for us at New Swarm to watch and support, and we hope that anyone and everyone who is interested in FlingGolf, including both players and course management, will join the group, ask questions, contribute thoughts and be a part of growing this young and exciting sport.

The FPC Group Page is open for anyone on Facebook to view and join. 


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