• April 01, 2021

Breaking: The Players Championship will permit pros to use FlingSticks in its 2022 Tournament

Breaking: The Players Championship will permit pros to use FlingSticks in its 2022 Tournament

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. April 1.

In extraordinary recognition that it wants to take The Players Championship to the next level, tournament directors have voted to permit players to add a FlingStick as their 15th club throughout the tournament next March at TPC Sawgrass.

Players were quick to react to the news.  Justin Donson, a multiple PGA tour and Major winner, said: "It's about time that one of these tournaments recognized that after several hundred years of the same old, same old, we need to add a little spice to things.  I for one am going to feel a hell of a lot better standing on the 17th tee with a FlingStick in my hand.  Besides, I am sick of hacking up the course with my irons."  Donson went on to say, "My wife, super model Jolena Pretzky thinks the FlingStick "improves my game" on and off the course, so that is all the encouragement I need."

Other pros, it turns out, have been closet FlingGolf Players, but now feel that they can come out. "Truth be told, on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday every week, I play more FlingGolf than golf.  I mean, I can't deal with that stress and frustration 7 days a week!  I need to have some fun too", said Mory RcIlroy, who recently joined the FlingGolf Players Club.

Richard Hurly of New Swarm Sports, maker of the FlingStick, said "We are proud, but not surprised that an important tournament like The Players Championship has decided to integrate FlingGolf into its play.  Giving players the option to pull a FlingStick out of their bag at any moment allows them to see the course in a different way.  Since these guys are all great competitors, and many have already been practicing with their FlingSticks, I am sure we'll see some surprising and amazing shots at next years TPC.  We can't wait to be there."

Hurly went on to say that the company has been contacted by other tournaments as well, including a "Major or two", but due to confidentiality, we aren't permitted to say which ones yet. But let's just say we are OPEN to these discussions!" 


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