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The Basics

June 14-16, 2024 at Capon Springs (2 hrs directly west from Washington, DC; 40 minutes west of Winchester, VA). Click here for directions.

Capon has organized the event such that space is limited to 8 state teams, 1 Lost Barrel Brewery team, and 1 WV State Parks team. Depending on the number of women that register/express interest, we may also have a Women's All-Star Team. In determining the state teams, preference will be given to those that have played in at least one WLF event (from any year).

State teams will be created using the following guidelines:

If a state has more than 4 players registered, selection to a team will be determined as follows: First 3 team members based on 2023 rankings. The 4th slot may be determined by best finish in either the FL or DE WLF stop or other performance criteria.*

Note: An additional team from a single state can be added if the 8 team slots are not filled by other states.

If there are not 4 individuals who register in a state, members of that state can create their own event to generate the players needed OR areas can be combined into regions to complete a foursome.

In order to be eligible for a state team, you must be a resident of that state at the time of the June 14-16 tournament.  The only exception is if you are part of a region that is forming its own group.

All final team selection to fill empty slots will be determined by the tournament host, Jonathan Bellingham, with assistance and input from the WLF Commissioner, members of the Commissioner's Advisory Committee and the highest WLF ranked player from that state.

*A Women’s All-Star team will be determined by the same method above for the states with more than 4 players.

No. The 2024 FlingClub Competition is completely separate. Members of State Teams can be from different FlingClubs and do not have to be affiliated with a Club at all.

Slots are limited so register by 3/22/24 and save!

Fixed Registration Rate of $545 per player ($595 if you register after 3/22/24), including meals and lodging.

Click here to register.

Lost Barrel Brewing, located in Middleburg, VA, is donating the entire cash prize purse. Several of Lost Barrel’s owners are long-time guests of Capon Springs; and over the last two seasons, have collaborated with Capon in the production of a few limited production special release beers produced with the famous Capon Springs water.

Lost Barrel will be on hand during the Fling Golf tournament weekend, looking forward to showcasing the 2024 seasons’ special release beers produced with Capon Springs water!

The Lost Barrel team also has a group of energetic players who have embraced the Fling Golf sport, and they will be entering a 4-person team in the competition!

Team totals 1st place: $2,200 ($550/per player) , 2nd place $1,700 ($425/per player), 3rd place $1,200 ($300/per player)

Pro-Am Prep: 1st place: $400 ($200/per player), 2nd $300 ($150/per player), 3rd $200 ($100/per player)

Registration includes:

- Lodging on Fri & Sat night

- 6 all-you-can eat meals from Friday Dinner through Sunday Lunch. Afternoon and evening snacks are also provided.

- Unlimited FlingGolf from Friday morning until Sunday evening.

- Entry in all tournament related events and activities

- A special swag bag with unique Potomac Highlands Regional and Pro-AM FlingGolf gear!

NOTE: Use of golf carts as well as Spa and Escape room experiences are extra.

Besides the cash prizes, there may be additional special awards for fun categories like “Best Team Spirit”, “Best Team Uniforms”, “Most Improved Flinger”, “Best Newbie” and others to be determined later.

These special winners could receive:
Regional Goodie baskets
WV travel experiences
Capon Springs & Farms experiences

100% of the weekend package dollars goes to managing the weekend by the host, Capon Springs and Farms.

Since Capon Springs resort operates as an all-inclusive destination focused on building community experiences, registration is for the entire weekend (Fri & Sat nights). There are no “day privileges” to just come and go. The only exception could be if there are not enough newbies to match up with pros on Saturday afternoon, a PRO-AM pass may be created to recruit local first timers.


Schedule details are subject to change, but the weekend events officially begin on Friday at 4:30pm and ends at 2pm on Sunday. However, for all entrants FlingGolf can be played all day on Friday and up until 6pm on Sunday. For the full schedule click here.

You can arrive anytime on Friday, but room check-in is not guaranteed before 3:00pm. The package rate starts with dinner as the first meal, but lunch can be purchased for an additional $14 per adult.

This event and booking is primarily based on two members of a team sharing a room. However, a limited number of family rooms can be arranged if requested and reserved early.

The Tournament

The Potomac Highlands Regional will follow the World League FlingGolf (WLF) Official Tournament Rules of Play with additional event rules for the specific tournament formats. PLEASE NOTE: the rules may be modified or updated up until the beginning of Tournament play, including the use of tie-breakers to settle the final standings. In addition to posting on this page, we will send out any updated rules to registered players as soon as they are made.

Since only 9 holes are played per day on the regulation course and the goal is for everyone to take their time, players will be walking. If mobility becomes an issue, allowances will be made on a case-by-case basis.

While the event is sanctioned and governed by the WLF, as a regional event individual performances will not count towards WLF Rankings or the 2024 WLF Points Championship.

We anticipate that the men will play the Blue Tees and women and Masters (55+) will play the Red Tees. Click here for the scorecard.

No. We want this to be a fun and casual event for all levels of FlingGolf experience. We will allow a random draw to match up one pro with one beginner.

For the team tourney event, YES- but for the Pro-AM and everything else, it is not necessary. This is meant to be a casual and fun weekend. There are many things to do at Capon Springs that do not involve FlingGolf and we encourage you to take advantage of these activities.

Only New Swarm FlingGolf FlingSticks may be used, without custom modifications other than the use of a Putting Slug or customized grips.

This will be a "pure" FlingGolf event so only one FlingStick may be used.

You may use any regulation golf ball. However, OnCore is the official golf ball for of the WLF.

Capon Springs and Farms

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all included as part of the package fee. Unless otherwise noted, all meals are served in the main building at the specified times. Afternoon and evening snacks are also provided.

The homemade, comfort food at Capon is served family or buffet style and is all-you-can-eat. Make sure you go back for seconds and feel free to request extra of any of the dishes you really enjoy! (Double desserts are not frowned upon!)

Country recipes that have been passed down through generations result in mouthwatering meals and desserts. From our onsite coal-fired brick oven come fresh baked daily breads, rolls, cookies and pies.

For more information click here. Have special diet needs? Please feel free to contact the Capon Springs Food and Beverage Manager, Day Dettinburn, either by email at day@caponsprings.net or by phone at 304-874-3695.

As Capon Springs is a casual, resort environment there is no dress code for the golf course. We are hoping each state/group will develop their own team “uniform” and bring lots of spirit and comradery to the weekend.

The official sponsor of the event is Lost Barrel Brewing. They will have beer available for purchase all weekend long, including at the Friday and Saturday evening events in designated Capon locations. Outside of these two events, alcohol can only be consumed in the privacy of your room or porch, not out in public places like at meals or on the golf course. It is a Capon tradition to bring your own favorite drinks, or purchase select Capon offerings in our store, to enjoy with other guests on the porch outside your room.

Check out their website here for additional information.

The entire weekend will be captured by a WV award-winning documentary filmmaker as part of the WV Innovator of the Year program. The intended result is an 8-12 minute short film about the basics of the sport and the community that enjoys it. By participating in the weekend, you are agreeing to have your image, likeness and comments be part of this production.


Capon Springs is a true old fashioned seasonal getaway – less than 2 hours from Washington, D.C. Established originally as a 19th century resort, it is now third generation family-owned and operated, treating guests like personal friends visiting in their own home providing a variety of lodging options within the 115 room capacity.

While you are here, explore 4,700 acres of breathtaking scenery, feast on delicious baked goods prepared daily; or rejuvenate with our healing spring water throughout the resort. Click for the scorecards for the 9-Hole Golf Course and the Prep Course.

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