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Play FlingGolf on a golf course, with a golf ball and a single FlingStick. Play alongside traditional golfers. Or not.

Where do I play FlingGolf?

FlingGolf players have played on over 1,000 golf courses so far. Find a course near you!

Where do I get my FlingStick?

Shop now and we’ll give you 10% off your first order!



Any Questions?

Contact us.

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So. Much. Love.

"Just wanted to message you guys and tell you how much I love my fling stick! It’s so awesome!"

Bowlinggod22 via Instagram


"I love FlingGolf so much, I bought one for my brother-in-law who loves playing now"

Jake H, NV


"I’m a former college professional and international lacrosse player and I’m in love with this sport."

Nick H., San Diego


"In the past 30 years I have not said this, but I can't wait to get out on the golf course! Thank you for making it happen."

Ben T.,PA

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Group of FlingGolfers at Event