• May 17, 2019

The Meadow at Peabody (MA) rolls out FlingGolf with a successful Demo Day to start their season

FlingGolf at Peabody Meadow

The Meadow at Peabody Golf Course is a municipally owned course on Boston's North Shore.  The Meadow used its network to reach out to the town's youth sports and high school sports programs, and co-hosted the event on Facebook with New Swarm Sport's FlingGolf Facebook page.  

Aiming to bring new, younger players to the course, Peabody and New Swarm combined to reach the surrounding community and brought out 35 players for the first event.  "It was a great success", said Peter Cronan, Golf Director at the Meadow.  "We had high school kids, parents, non-golfers and golfers alike.  It was a great way to introduce FlingGolf to the community and we are looking to do more events that will drive regular FlingGolf play here." 

It was great to work closely with Peter and the Meadow to create a successful roll out for them.  After reaching out to their lacrosse and other youth sports communities, and despite less than ideal weather, they are now well on their way to having a successful year with FlingGolf. 

Here is a recap of the event that Peabody TV completed:


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