• April 02, 2021

New Swarm's new putting "Slug" leads to better feel and lower FlingGolf scores

New Swarm's new putting

Based on suggestions and feedback from members of the FlingGolf Players Club, New Swarm has developed a new putting accessory for its FlingStick that gives the traditional putting stroke a more solid and smooth feel.  As James Braley, a FlingGolf Player from Erie, PA put it, "I got a chance to use the [Slug] to putt this weekend. WOW! What a difference. It was as close to a [traditional] putter as you can probably get."

The putting Slug is a simple yet very effective approach to giving the FlingStick head more weight and better balance when putting.  Made of neoprene, a player simply inserts two regulation golf balls into one end, closes the velcro flap, and inserts the entire Slug snugly into the channel of the FlingStick.

While there are still many techniques to approach getting the golf ball in the hole with FlingGolf, and some players still prefer the empty channel, it is clear that the Slug has made a vast leap forward for many players when using the FlingStick's Striker Pad and the traditional putting style.

See a video on how to use the Slug here.

The Slug is now available online on the FlingGolf website here.

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