• March 05, 2019

New Swarm Sports FlingGolf Introduces Next Generation AK-2 FlingSticks With Striker Pad

New Swarm Sports FlingGolf Introduces Next Generation AK-2 FlingSticks With Striker Pad

(AMESBURY, MA).New Swarm Sports, the creator of FlingGolf announced today the launch of the next generation of AK-2 FlingSticks.

 “We are excited to unveil the latest generation of FlingSticks with the launch of our AK-2 head. While the popular AK-1 was responsible for creating the foundation for FlingGolf, the innovations made to our new head will facilitate greater range of play, particularly on the green”, explained Alex Van Alen, Founder and ­CEO of New Swarm Sports. Specifically, the AK-2’s new Striker Pad is designed to enhance the putting game. Van Alen believes the new head design will entice more players to FlingGolf.

By removing the notch feature on the AK-1, the AK-2 head has flattened sides that allow for the addition of the Striker Pad. The Striker Pad is made of technical composite polyurethane foam rubber creating proper energy transfer and a natural, intuitive feel when striking the ball.   The putting experience with the AK-2 is similar to a traditional golf putter and allows players to more easily approach the short game.

FlingGolf debuted on golf courses in 2014 and since that time the sport has grown globally, with thousands of rounds being played on standard golf courses across the US and internationally. The new AK-2 head design was born out of the wide spread but close-knit community of FlingGolf players’ communications with the New Swarm team. “The collaboration between us and players often takes place on the green where we’re fortunate to meet new fans with whom we can play a few rounds. We love hearing from our players and we’re thrilled to be launching a new product that enhances game play on the green,” said Van Alen. The new AK-2 style head is now part of all FlingSticks available for purchase on FlingGolf.com.

About New Swarm FlingGolf

New Swarm Sports is the creator of FlingGolf – a young sport played seamlessly on any golf course where players use the company’s patented FlingStick to hurl a golf ball and shape every shot from the tee box to the cup. There are no changes necessary for course managers and PGA Pros, and being family friendly, FlingGolf can be played in the same foursome as golfers. Having been played on over 1000 courses world-wide, FlingGolf is wooing another generation of players and offering additional sources of revenue to golf courses every day. New Swarm’s FlingStick is revitalizing golf courses with a new generation of players, just as snowboarding revolutionized ski resorts in the 1990s.

To learn more, visit FlingGolf.com.

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