• March 15, 2018

FlingGolf is partnering with Swannies to make golf more fun

FlingGolf is partnering with Swannies to make golf more fun

We're going to have a fun 2018!

Swannies may primarily be an apparel company with a cool logo that creates stylish, comfortable and fun clothing with millennial golfers in mind.
But the company’s vision is much larger.

“We aim to change the culture of golf to make it more fun and accessible,” said Adam Iversen, co-founder of Swannies Apparel.

The Swannies Party Scramble does just that. As part of this 16-city event series, teams will meet at a local brewery for pre-round drinks before taking a party bus to a local urban golf course. Participants will then play a nine-hole scramble along with party games. Scoring is based on golf and the party games, and the winners earn coveted Swannies Champions T-shirts and social-media praise.

In addition to FlingGolf, Swannies has also partnered with GolfShotGPS, ChippoGolf (a golf/cornhole hybrid), and CutGolf (a high-quality golf ball company).

"FlingGolf is thrilled to be a part of this event-driven year and these partnerships make it happen," said Steve Bloom, VP / GM of PlusOne Sports, creators of FlingGolf.

Check out the full schedule of events and register here.


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