• February 01, 2019

FlingGolf Crushes it at the 2019 PGA Show

FlingGolf Crushes it at the 2019 PGA Show

FlingGolf had it's biggest and best year at the PGA Show. Here are some of the coverage highlights: 

PGA Show News: "While purists may have their doubts, what’s undeniable is the amount of fun PGA Show Demo Day attendees were having as they tried their hand at Fling(Golf)."  

Golf Channel's Alexandra O'Laughlin: “I have been walking up and down the range looking for the most innovative product.  I found it."

At the 1:32 minute, check out CEO Alex Van Alen as he shares the basics of the sport and how to use a FlingStick with Alexandra O’Laughlin from the Golf Channel.

PGA Show Panel w Brodie Smith and Greg Norman

MC Brian Crowell “What’s the coolest thing you’ve seen so far this week?  What’s the one product that every golf pro in this place needs to take home?”

Brodie Smith: “FlingGolf.If you’ve never launched something with that, you’ve got to do it.  It’s the greatest feeling in the world.”

These were just some of the comments we heard at last week's PGA Show in Orlando, where hundreds of PGA Professionals and golf industry types stepped up to try out our FlingSticks at Tuesdays Demo Day at Orange County National Golf Club.  It was great to catch up with old friends and meet new ones as more and more PGA Pros are introducing FlingGolf to their courses and welcoming others that are bringing their own FlingSticks to play.

Yes, that is right, if you just bring your own FlingStick, these guys are gonna let you play. They love it!  Before the show, the FlingGolf staff went out and played Disney's awesome Magnolia Course and we just had to bomb it over the Mickey Mouse Trap.  Next stop on the FlingTour, San Diego to see our good friends at the National Golf Course Owners Conference. Maybe we'll hit up Torrey Pines again. Can't wait!


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