• August 16, 2019

First-Ever Liberation Challenge Leaderboard

First-Ever Liberation Challenge Leaderboard

Check out the Leaderboard for the first-ever FlingGolf Liberation Challenge. Congrats to all our winners so far. Summer is definitely not over, so get out there and play to win some cool FlingGolf swag!

This summer we want to go big and liberate as many courses as possible.  And to help reward players for playing on new courses, we're opening up the marketing swag bag and giving away a bunch of cool new merch with the new FlingGolf branding.  You'll not only be one of the first playing some new courses, but also one of the first wearing our new FlingGolf logo.  Get out there and play to win!

Here's How to Play:

STEP 1:  Follow us @FlingGolf on Instagram

STEP 2:  Find a course where FlingGolf has not yet been played. You can use our handy Course Locator to search for courses near you.  All unplayed/unliberated courses are indicated in BLUE on the Course Locator. 

STEP 3:  Share a picture or video of you playing at the new course, use #PlayFlingGolf, tag @Flinggolf and the course and post it on Instagram. 

STEP 4: Sit back and relax, we'll take care of the rest. 

Contest Rules

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