• April 13, 2021

Chambers Bay the latest "Major" course to be liberated by FlingGolf Players

Chambers Bay the latest

You can now add  Chambers Bay, the 2015 US Open host, to the growing list of courses that have the dual distinction of hosting a Major golf tournament, and also having had FlingGolf played on them.  It all happened on a blue sky April day at the famed course, when former PGA teaching pro, James O'Neil pulled out his BalliStick FlingStick and nearly aced the 15th hole!

O'Neil, from Vancouver, WA, was playing in a foursome with traditional golfers, but decided that the FlingStick was the right approach for several of the holes at Chambers Bay, including the 9th and the 15th. Take a look at the video to see how he did:


"I've been playing FlingGolf with my son now since last summer.  He is a football and lacrosse guy and never really took to playing golf - just not enough action to keep him interested.  But then we came across FlingGolf and now he is out on the course with me all the time.  Not only that, but we have a regular group of Dads and sons that play any course we can around Vancouver."  

"When I learned I was going to play Chambers Bay with my golfing buddies, I knew I had to bring the FlingStick to blow their minds - and I did.  So much that when I pulled it out on the 9th hole, everyone else in the group had to give it a go.  I am not sure I've seen that much laughter and fun on a tee box before."  

"Chambers was such a fun time, and I was really stoked to see that the staff there was all on board with the FlingStick.  The starter even gave me a high five and yelled: "Somebody's flingin' today" when he saw me pull it out of the bag on the first tee."

Other courses that have both hosted one of professional golf's Majors and have been liberated by FlingGolf Players include: Pebble Beach (CA), Torrey Pines, (CA) The Country Club (Brookline, MA) and Carnoustie (Scotland). 

What the liberation of these courses really shows is a) that FlingGolf can mesh so well with traditional golf that players can choose to play both, even at the same time, and b) that we've got an avid group of FlingGolf Players that are hell bent on bringing their FlingSticks and liberating courses wherever they go.  Whether it is a "Major" course like these, or other premium courses like TPC Scottsdale (AZ) or Streamsong Resort (FL), or the local 9 hole down the road, it is a testament to our players that they've now liberated over 1200 courses in 27 countries.


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