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FlingGolf. Shark Tank: A month in. We don't care. No apologies.

June 16, 2021 3 min read 2 Comments

FlingGolf. Shark Tank: A month in.  We don't care. No apologies.

"I am a member of the Bumpty Bump Golf Club and no chance in hell are they going to let anyone run around with a lacrosse racket." (wha...? he meant FlingStick). Kevin O'Leary, aka Shark Tank's Mr. Wonderful 

So. It's been a month since we aired on Shark Tank.  I could tell you about the awesome sales numbers we got from being on the show and how it has raised the awareness of this sport's already global reach.  But it is even more fun to talk about the ATTITUDE that Kevin O'Leary dished out in the tank.

I mean, come on Mr. Wonderful. You got caught up in protecting the antiquated view of the old, stuffy, mothball smelling world of "traditional golf" instead of seeing the future. Your old man's golf needs a little fresh fun poke in the ribs so here we are.

We've seen this before and I am sure we'll see it again.

So when we said, "We don't care" whether the golf gods will strike us down, we weren't talking about the sport of golf, we were talking about the grumpy old white-table-cloth, 'we are SOOO exclusive" ATTITUDE that has haunted golf and driven millions of people away from the courses for decades.

I mean, damn, just look around at what is happening: the golf industry knows that that ATTITUDE is death for them, so they are doing everything they can to get away from it.  Take Callaway's investment of billions of dollars in TopGolf as an example.  It's about a more casual experience, ie FUN (and ok, drinking) with friends. 

And that is what thousands and thousands of FlingGolf players are bringing to well over 1200 courses in 28 countries (welcome Finland!) already. And, aside from O'Leary's "Bumpty Bump" Country Club, those courses have included some of the best in the world, including Pebble Beach, Torrey Pines, Streamsong Resort and Chambers Bay (see video below).

And yes, THE Country Club.

But way more importantly, those 1200 plus courses have included small family businesses like American Classic GC in Delaware that is generating revenue on it's third season of a FlingGolf League, or the city owned Fort Myers Country Club which is starting up a FlingGolf program for their residents this summer, dozens of US Military golf courses that all survive on the casual player, veterans and servicemen and women and their families coming out to enjoy the course, First Tee Programs that are getting kids out on the course for the first time, or Candlewood Valley in Connecticut which includes a FlingGolf option for the Adaptive Community to enjoy their course.

Those courses are what really count and with their players really are the heart and soul of the "golf" world.  And FlingGolf is bringing out not only new players, but also bringing ex-golfers back to the courses. In fact, 65% of FlingGolf players are or were golfers and a FlingStick is getting them on the course again.

So, to bring it back around, We really don't care whether the golf gods that live high on the hill drinking their "chateaux du stuffiness" try to strike us down, and we're not sorry we said it. 

We are all good hanging down here with our FlingSticks, having fun and enjoying the high life with friends and family.  

(But hey Kevin - Every course needs some FlingGolf play.  We wouldn't turn down an invite to Bumpty Bump either. Just let us know.)

Did you miss the Shark Tank episode?  See the 3 minute ABC clip here:


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2 Responses


January 22, 2022

Just ordered my custom FlingStick.
I worked online directly with the owner.
Alex was very helpful and patient ensuring that I ended up with not only the right FlingStick but the one that fit my abilities.
As a disabled veteran I love the fact that his company not only say they appreciate my fellow veterans but show it by offering us a discounted price on his awesome product.
I really appreciate what they do and how they do it. I really look forward to taking my customized FlingStick and adding to my bag.
Thanks Alex.
P.S. people laughed/scoffed at the first snowboard. DRIVE ON Alex DRIVE ON.

Bill Marks
Bill Marks

June 17, 2021

Ode to Kevin Leary:
We “FlingGolfers” pay a “Green’s Fee” like everyone else- we pay a cart fee like everyone else -we patronize the Course by buying food and drink, just like everyone else-We play faster allowing more golfers to play without waiting for golfers looking for lost balls off the fairway – we DON’T tear up the fairways tearing out divots and trampling the sand traps like “regular” golfers. Why wouldn’t Courses be delighted in having us use their facilities? We “Flingers” are the transfusion of life Golf Courses around the world have been waiting for!!!!!

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