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New Swarm Reveals New Logo: For The Players

November 10, 2023 3 min read 1 Comment

New Swarm

Amesbury, MA. November 10, 2023

FlingGolf creator and equipment manufacturer unveils the symbol that represents the sport, the community and its ambitious vision for the future.

Following a season of record growth in FlingGolf play: from the 5 stop World League FlingGolf 2023 New Swarm Tour (as seen on ESPN) that cris-crossed the US, to regional tournaments, local leagues, and individual play, as well as new resort, municipal and military golf course adoption, New Swarm Sports LLC (New Swarm) has unveiled its new logo to symbolize the momentum and future of the entire FlingGolf community of players. 

"The New Swarm symbol (aka Swarmi), is designed to be a centralizing and recognizable logo for our very active and engaged community of FlingGolf players wherever they may be." said Founder and CEO of New Swarm, Alex Van Alen. 

"Our growing group of players around the US and internationally often refer to themselves as the "Best Community in Sports" whether that is based on competition and camaraderie at a WLF Tournament, engaging each other online through our FlingGolf Players Group, meeting with our wide net of ambassadors to learn new techniques at a local course, or introducing the sport to a new player on the course."

"Our community also draws from very diverse backgrounds and experiences: players that might not otherwise be on a golf course, or ever meet each other in their daily routines, have been brought together by their love of FlingGolf.  We are a wildly welcoming tribe." Van Alen continued. 

"That is a powerful situation and we wanted to capture the momentum, enthusiasm, friendliness and athleticism that the wider FlingGolf community represents. The symbol has a tribal feel and our community can really be thought of as a modern tribe.  We wanted to be proud to put that logo on our equipment and apparel and provide the symbol for that tribe to embrace."

"With FlingGolf being played on 2000 golf courses (and in 35 countries) in such a short time frame, the momentum is huge and the potential is even bigger.  There are 15,000 golf courses in the US alone, and 35,000 worldwide.  If we can bring all of the positive energy that we have seen our community create so far on just those 2000 courses, imagine what the future holds when we expand to the other 33,000.  We want this new logo to symbolize that opportunity."

The Symbol

The "Swarmi" symbol has a fluid, dynamic motion to it, representing the motion and action of the stick and the sport.  With the circle in the upper right area, you can both see a ball being thrown, but also the negative space of a FlingStick silhouette. 

The "S" shape talks to the "swarm" of players that have accessed golf courses across the US and beyond, with a positive and upward trend representing the growth of the community and the game.

FlingGolf and World League FlingGolf will continue to use the "Hurly" symbol in their respective branding.


 Get a piece of the Swarmi! 

We now proudly offer both New Swarm and World League FlingGolf merchandise through our site. Check out all the merch and represent the "Best Community in Sports" whether on the golf course, in the gym or hanging with friends.

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About New Swarm 

New Swarm created and promotes the alt-golf sport FlingGolf through local play and the World League FlingGolf, and designed and sells the patented FlingStick. FlingGolf is an action sport for golf courses that combines athleticism, strength and touch, using just one stick to hurl a golf ball and shape every shot from tee to hole. It appeals to a younger, athletic and active player and since its inception, thousands of players are energizing over 2000 golf courses in more than 30 countries across the globe. New Swarm promotes FlingGolf to players looking for a fun and athletic way to enjoy a golf course, and for golf courses to gain significant incremental revenue by filling empty tee times with new players.

In May of 2021, FlingGolf appeared on ABC's Shark Tank and in August of 2022 the World League FlingGolf made its national TV debut on ESPN2 and its second ESPN appearance in August of 2023.

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