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The Epic FlingGolf Summer - From Shark Tank to the Future

September 27, 2021 2 min read

The Epic FlingGolf Summer - From Shark Tank to the Future

The Summer of FlingGolf started early and strong with the airing of our much anticipated Shark Tank Appearance in May.  As a result of millions of people learning about the sport, we worked nearly around the clock for weeks at the New Swarm headquarters in Amesbury, MA  making sure we got thousands of FlingSticks to their new homes.  We doubled our assembly and fulfillment plant, brought on some summer help and just as we were getting our feet under us, we got word that ABC picked our episode to show again in August!


So what has all this exposure meant for the sport?  In short - more New Swarm FlingSticks out in the world means more players playing and more courses played.  That's more friends, bachelor parties, kids, husbands and wives, veterans, corporate outings, wedding parties and resort guests out there experiencing golf courses in a new, fun, and athletic way. And that's because more courses are welcoming FlingGolf players every day.

Here are just a few quick points that have highlighted the summer:

The FlingGolf Players Club on Facebook has tripled.  Players are reaching other players across the US and the globe to meet up locally, create virtual tournaments, develop new FlingShots, liberate courses and everything else to grow the game.

FPC Member Jack F getting a birdie on his first round of FlingGolf!

Hundreds more golf courses have been newly liberated.  See our updated FlingGolf Course Map to find those near you.  Our players have now liberated courses in 29 Countries!

Our work has expanded with Veterans and the Military.  FlingGolf is now on over 2 dozen US Military courses from Florida to Alaska, Hawaii to Connecticut and overseas in Japan, Korea and Germany. Maxwell Air Force Base (AL) just hosted its 132 Player, 3rd Annual FlingKing Tournament won by Flight A11. 

Flight A11 of the Squadron Officer School

We've participated in many new fundraisers and charity golf outings including the BTB Foundation event to support families fighting cancer in the Chicago area.

FlingSticks are now working their way in to school phys ed and youth programs including the First Tee and The YMCA to get more kids out and active on golf courses, campuses and parks.

First Tee group playing with their Junior FlingSticks

We've been noticed by para-athletes and the adaptive community and are excited to be working with new partners to build out a program that gets anyone who wants to be on a golf course out there and playing.

So, with all of that and more, this summer has captured the spirit and fun of FlingGolf in a huge way, and we thank every player, course and supporter for guaranteeing that this sport's future is bright! 

Alex, John and Steve

FlingGolf's future is so bright, we need to wear sunglasses.

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