FlingGolf™ Volume Purchase Packs

Want 4 or more FlingSticks?

Start getting ready for more players. Perfect for teams, campuses, fundraisers, and special events!

"We've had over 1500 FlingGolf rounds in 2015 and over 1600 rounds (so far) in 2016. People love FlingGolf and talk about the sport and resort to their friends. It has been seamless to adopt and roll out." - Brett Mowbray, PGA, GM Massanutten Resort, VA

FlingGolf is to golf what snowboarding is to skiing. A, natural, cool, athletic alternative. You play on golf courses, right alongside golfers. Instead of striking a golf ball with a golf club, fling a golf ball with a FlingStick. It’s fun, inexpensive and easy to learn.  Even those who have left golf will be enticed to come back for the fun of FlingGolf. You will love it because it does zero damage to turf and players move around the course at a good pace. More Players; More Action!

Choose your option below:

    • 4 AK-1 Carbon Fiber FlingSticks, rules and score cards, collateral  - $480.00 ($516.00 Regular Price). Choose the "FlingStick Foursome"  option
    • 6 AK-1 Carbon Fiber FlingSticks (1 x 41", 4 x 44", 1 x 47")*, a small teardrop flag, rules and score cards, and collateral - $690.00 ($774.00 Regular Price). Choose the "FlingStick™ Six Pack"  option
    • 12 AK-1 Carbon Fiber FlingSticks (3 x 41", 6 x 44", 3 x 47")*a small teardrop flag, rules and score cards, and collateral - $1320.00 ($1548.00 Regular Price). Choose the "FlingSticks for Owners" option
    • Team Pack - 6 Composite Fiber FantaSticks (2 x 41", 4 x 44"), rules cards, getting started guides, activity cards, brochures, and 24 foam golf balls - $499.00 ($606.00 Regular Price). Choose "Campus Pack" option

* If you want different lengths from what is selected, please specify FlingStick lengths and quantities in the notes field (e.g. 8 x 44"; 2 x 47"; 2 x 41")

    • Please contact us for greater volumes and wholesale options.
    • If you are an EDU or NGO, please email us at info@flinggolf.com and we'll send you special pricing options
    • You'll also get your Resort, Golf Course, or Location on the official FlingGolf Map!

All FlingSticks are designed, tested and built in the USA.