AK-1 Carbon Fiber FlingStick™

The Lightweight FlingStick!

Get a FlingStick™, grab a few balls and get out on your local course today!

The lightweight 9 oz. FlingStick is available in 3 lengths. Choose yours below!

41" - Typically used for beginners and young children.

44" - The regular length which is perfect for almost everyone!

47" - The competitive length gets you additional yardage!

Players love that they can use a single 9 oz. carbon fiber "club" for the whole course making the game accessible and cost-effective to everyone. 

With just one stick to master, from tee to hole, your technique and athleticism determines your play.  Adjust your swing for backspin, topspin, a high arching lob shot or a line drive. With the FlingStick, you shape the shot.