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Get your Fling on at Memorial Park Golf Course

October 11, 2018

Come and try out FlingGolf – a new golfing experience that is all about having fun on the course.  You use just one club – the FlingStick™ - from tee to green and it takes just minutes to learn. 

The event will be held on October 11th at Memorial Park Golf Course – “The most respected and coolest public golf course in Houston” (https://www.houstonmunicipalgolf.org/course/memorial-park-golf-course).  There will also be both a pre and post party sponsored by Standard – 5306 Washington Ave., Houston, TX 77007 (http://www.standardbarhouston.com).


There will be a quick clinic starting at 5:00pm, with tee times starting between 5:20pm and 6:00pm.  For those that can get there early, meet us at Standard at 4:00p for drinks sponsored by my good friend Tony.  Come for the food, the fun and the adventure of learning a new sport!


Schedule of Events - October 11, 2018:


Pre-party at Standard 4:00pm - 4:30pm

Memorial Clinic 5:00pm

Tee times: 5:20pm to 6:00pm (5 foursomes)

Complete 9 holes by dark

Post Party at Standard 8pm – close


The Event Provides:


Pre-drinks for those that can make it at Standard

Green Fee at Memorial Park

Cart rental

FlingStick™ rental

15 min clinic (yes, you'll learn that fast!)

Closet to Pin and longest Fling awards

All the fun you can stand


Cost: $45 per person


This event is co-sponsored by New Swarm Sports, creator of FlingGolf™ - The Future of the Fairway.


Here is a video of Major League Lacrosse players playing FlingGolf



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