For Campuses

College Campus Package - $499

Bring FlingGolf to your campus with this special package! Designed specifically for recreation departments, this package comes with everything you need (6 FantaSticks and 24 Foam Golf Balls) as well as rule cards, drills, and alternative game ideas for campuses with large practice fields and no golf course access.

Order here: Campus Pack


What’s in the Campus Package?

  • 6 FantaSticks - We’ll send you three of each length (41" and 44"), so you have sticks for everyone.
  • 24 foam golf balls - Perfect for practicing FlingGolf off a course, perhaps on intramural fields or in an open gym.
  • Product information - Rules Cards, Getting Started Cards
  • Campus Brochures for FlingGolf
  • “FlingGolf is Played Here” sticker
  • Ask about a tear drop flag for fundraising events (we can sell or rent to you)

Why Should a Campus Consider FlingGolf?

FlingGolf is booming. Don’t you want to say your school was with us from the beginning? Kids, teenagers and young adults love FlingGolf: they see a stick, think it’s cool, pick it up, and figure it out in minutes. They love it.

Colleges and universities across the country are always in competition to be ‘the best’ at just about every aspect of campus life. FlingGolf can be your gateway into standing out. It is perfect as an alternative golf game.

We love seeing teams and leagues of flingers emerge and what better place to start those than on a college campus? 

FlingGolf also offers great fundraising opportunities for your school and clubs. You can rent up to 12 FlingSticks with our Rental Pack to host an event. Or, you could buy a single stick and donate it at as an auction and/or raffle item.

Don’t have a golf course nearby? We have plenty of alternative drills and games.

Drills and Games


    Equipment: FlingStick, golf ball, several buckets (trash barrels work great).

    Set Up: Depending on your environment, place the buckets ~25 yards, 50 yards, and 100 yards away from a starting point. You don’t even need a bucket – you can use anything to ‘mark your territory’ as a spot to aim.

    Objective: Practice your Fling accuracy by trying to fling the ball into the trash barrel or near the marker.

    Make it a Game: Similar to ‘HORSE’ in basketball, play ‘FLINGGOLF’: keep the barrel stationary and take turns with other players aiming for the barrel. If you miss, add a letter. Once everyone has shot, pick a new starting place and fling again.


    Set up several buckets (as you would in beer pong) 25 yards apart. Have teams take turns aiming at each other’s buckets: if the golf ball makes it in, remove the bucket. Game over when one team has no buckets left to aim for.

      Equipment: FlingStick, golf ball, red solo cup or small bucket.
      Objective: Improve your putting (pushing) skills.
      Make it a Game: Set up a row of cups for each player and a starting line. Set a timer for one minute and see who can make the most putts.


        Equipment: Just your FlingStick and a golf ball.

        Objective: Fling the ball as far as you can.


          Equipment: Each player needs a FlingStick, each team needs one golf ball, cones or an item to make an end zone.

          Directions: Each team starts off at the same starting point. The first flinger of each time hurls the ball as far as they can toward the endzone. The entire team runs to where their teammate’s ball landed and the next player ‘in line’ proceeds to do the same (hurl it as far as they can). The game is over when each player on a team was able to hurl the golf ball and the team as a whole (and the ball of course) crosses the end zone.


          Many campuses offer programs on weekend nights as an alternative to students who wish to avoid alcohol and drugs. By purchasing our Glow in the Dark equipment, students can play FlingGolf, or any of the mentioned drills/games, all through the night.

          *To purchase our Glow in the Dark golf balls (six different colors in one package and target stick), please email us.