Education and NGO

FlingGolf™ is an awesome new sport and alternative to golf that can be played on a golf course, with a golf ball, alongside golfers and scored the same way as golf.  You only need one FlingStick™ for every type of shot.  That means no cumbersome golf bag to lug around.  For those who like lacrosse, baseball, or hockey and a more active, athletic style of play, FlingGolf is the real deal.  Most people can easily learn the sport in a matter of minutes.  FlingGolf is perfect for resorts, campus recreation and college intramurals, It’s also fun to play in the backyard, at the beach and in the mountains!

Education and NGO Offerings
Education and NGO Special Offering
Education Facilities and NGO's can purchase FlingSticks at a significant discount off Regular Website Prices.
This includes individual FlingSticks as well as Volume Packs.
To obtain this benefit, please email with your request and we'll get back to you within 24 hours with details.
Let's get flinging together...