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Premium Design FlingSticks

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Premium Design FlingSticks!



Buy a FlingStick, grab a few balls and get out on your local course today!

Make it personal. These designs will make you the envy of the fairway.

With just one stick to master, from tee to hole, your technique and athleticism determines your play.  Adjust your swing for backspin, topspin, a high arching lob shot or a line drive. You also use the FlingStick on and around the green, all the way to the hole.  With the FlingStick, you shape the shot. 

The FlingStick™ is the world’s first FlingGolf™ stick, conceived, designed, tested and assembled in the USA by PlusOne Sports. Golf course owners love the FlingStick™ because it does less damage to the course than traditional golf, it appeals to a younger, more athletic crowd, and it plays right alongside other golfers (Think snowboarding and skiing).



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