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FlingStick Rental

Many people have asked to "try before they buy." Now you can!

One 44" FlingStick™ in an awesome shipping box that you can try, use, practice flinging, play with friends, and hopefully keep (see below for terms).

But... should you decide to return it, make sure that you keep the shipping box to make this easier.

FlingStick Rental Program Terms & Conditions

We want to keep this program easy to adopt and manageable. Therefore we ask:

  1. Customers will pay for shipping in both directions.The shipping box weighs approximately 2 lbs. and will cost around $10.00 to $13.00 to ship via USPS Priority or FedEx Ground in both directions. You can expedite the service, which will cost extra. These charges are available upon checkout. (We suggest that you retain the shipping materials).
  2. The rental period begins 3 days after you place the order to account for shipping and ends 7 days after the 2 week rental for a total of 24 days.
  3. We inspect and test every FlingStick before it gets packaged and shipped. If any damage beyond normal wear and usage should occur, we will respectfully ask that you pay for the FlingStick (FlingSticks are made to very high durability standards).
  4. If you or your friends love playing FlingGolf and decide to purchase the FlingStick, let us know before the rental period expires and we'll gladly convert the rental into a sale based upon the current website price ($139.00).
  5. If we do not receive the FlingStick within 7 days after the 2 week rental period, we will charge your credit card for the full applicable FlingStick cost.
  6. Have fun!

Contact us with any questions!


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