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December 26, 2018 2 min read

With 2018 winding down I speak for the entire FlingGolf family to say THANK YOU to all the players and courses out there who have continued to grow the game not only throughout the USA, but across the globe.  2018 was phenomenal to say the least and we are excited and grateful. Some brief highlights:

  • We saw play on Military courses increase significantly and we are always thrilled to be part of helping our sailors and soldiers with some of their hard earned relaxation time
  • We got video back of players bringing their FlingSticks to conquer new courses, including Carnoustie and St. Andrews in Scotland, Torrey Pines in San Diego, and many many other less-well-known courses from Western Australia, to Jolly Old England and our neighbors in Canada
  • Speaking of Canada, we were thrilled to hear that the City of Toronto expanded their FlingGolf Program from one to all of their city courses after seeing how well received it was from their constituents
  • Not only are our players having a great time breaking down barriers to new courses, but we are psyched to say that more and more courses are seeing great revenue generated from this play.  We all know what snowboarding did for the ski industry and now FlingGolf is doing the same for many struggling golf courses - keeping them open for all.  We love being part of that!

Here's the thing - 2019 is already lining up to easily be the best year in our short history:  I won't give any secrets away yet, but over the next month or so, keep a close eye on our website for some big happenings in the beginning of 2019. Or even better visit us as our team travels the country spreading the FlingGospel.  You'll see us at the US Lacrosse Convention in Philly and the PGA Show in Orlando in January, or San Diego where we join with our long time partners at the National Golf Course Owners Association Conference and Golf Industry Show.  Or join in for events in Baton Rouge, Houston, San Diego or Florida, among other cities and towns across the US before things warm up and courses open for FlingGolf play in the more northern climes.

Again, we are so psyched for the enthusiasm and support that we see and hear from players and courses who have embraced FlingGolf and share the excitement of growing the Future of the Fairway together!

To a happy and healthy 2019 for you all!





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