• May 21, 2020

FlingGolf played on over 1000 golf courses worldwide!

FlingGolf played on over 1000 golf courses worldwide!

Led by an army of players across the US and internationally, FlingGolf has now been played at least once, and up to thousands of times, on over 1000 golf courses worldwide.  That is a pace that exceeds the growth of snowboarding when it was introduced to ski resorts, and it shows the ease with which players can "liberate" their local course. 

Hundreds of golf courses have been proactive and introduced FlingGolf to their communities, and that is where we see the most successful courses, financially.  But the growth has mostly come from individual players purchasing a FlingStick from our website, and simply taking it down to their local golf course, showing it to the manager or pro, and going out to play.  It is that seamlessness with golf and the course, and easy acceptance by the course managers, that has allowed FlingGolf to grow so quickly.


Here is a piece straight off the Golf Wire about FlingGolf's growth:



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